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Sauvage virgin Hair is A premium quality hair extension brand that provides high quality hair for every budget. Our hair is made for professional hairstylists and hair extension lovers everywhere!

Tired of the same beauty, fashion trends and boring corporate image? We are too! Here at Sauvage we believe in individuality and creativity. We understand that no two people are the same, so we provide you with unique ways to express yourself with products just as versatile as you. Every texture has a purpose just like you. We want to empower all people to look and feel more confident with their looks, creating more daring styles and designs for everyone.

Sauvage Virgin Hair was founded in 2014 by Hair & Make Expert, Rosemary Ashley. Rosemary began her professional career in beauty and fashion in 2005 and currently specializes in a variety of editorial, high fashion, runway, and bridal work throughout the USA including Philadelphia, New York and California. She's known as a woman who's not afraid of taking risks and enjoys those who are willing to take that jump with her. The results are never anything short of gratifying for all parties.

Rosemary keeps up on the latest trends and techniques in hair and makeup by attending classes taught by celebrity stylists Johnny Wright, Tokyo Bradshaw, industry shows and workshops on a continuous basis. Her style is inspired by alternative music scenes that project original and unique imagery through album cover art, lyrics and fashion.

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